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The Dordogne River runs through a remarkable territory thanks to its preserved nature, its exceptional cultural heritage and an art of living marked by the river's imprint. The economy of its basin, which is largely touristic, agricultural and forestry but also industrial, benefits from the natural resources, the beauty of the landscapes and the brand image provided by the Dordogne River and its many affluents.
Maintaining the symbiosis between nature and man that characterizes the Dordogne basin is a collective and individual, daily and long-term responsibility. Preserving the river heritage of the Dordogne basin, the resources and benefits it provides is a prerequisite for the future development of this territory.
The Dordogne Basin World Biosphere Reserve must promote the imagination and energy of the region's stakeholders to ensure that it is part of a sustainable process of progress in which taking the environment into account is seen as an opportunity and an advantage.


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