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Research in the Biosphere reserves must find its place in national and international research programmes and also meet the concrete, and at times, immediate needs of those involved in management. Is it possible to develop research strategies in these conditions? How can the gap between scientific production and themes linked to territorial and resource management be bridged? The French Biosphere reserves network is currently exploring these topics. 

A role game to encourage debate in the Cévennes

As part of the SECOCOCO project, a role-playing game was designed and conducted on Mont Lozère, in the Cévennes Biosphere Reserve. This game, developed thanks to the Commod approach, focuses on the link between agricultural practices and landscape, in particular the practices of removing and turning over grasslands. Its purpose is to promote debate among stakeholders on the antagonisms and synergies between ecosystem services associated with these practices (forage production, aesthetic and heritage value of landscapes, tourism activities, water quality, the existence value of biodiversity).
This game was animated on the Mont Lozère site with Park agents, breeders, elected officials and tourist service providers. The tool makes it possible to open the debate on the need and difficulty of combining the different issues at stake in a given territory (agriculture, tourism, biodiversity, water and landscape) and on the importance of a concerted approach, in line with the principles of the MAB programme.