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Man and the Biosphere

Launched in 1971 by UNESCO, the ‘Man and the Biosphere’ (MAB) programme encourages interdisciplinary research, demonstration and training in natural resource management.

Its aim is to promote respect for ecological diversity and associated cultural values by involving local populations and adopting an appropriate scientific approach. It is supported by a global network of experimental Biosphere reserves.
 Biosphere reserves are ideal places to test and implement sustainable development practices at the regional level, while balancing social and economic development needs with environmental protection objectives.

"What does sustainable development look like where you live?"


In 2018 the global network comprised 686 Biosphere reserves in 122 countries, including 20 Transboundary sites, and new Reserves are proposed every year.
 MAB France coordinates and manages the French network of 14 Biosphere reserves, assists in setting up new sites, as well as liaising and cooperating with the international network.

For further information: UNESCO Ecological sciences