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The French MAB Committee was established to oversee the Man and the Biosphere programme in France, with the support of the French Agency for Biodiversity. Managing and strengthening the national network of Biosphere reserves, the Committee liaises and develops collaborations with both French and international communities interested in the programme (e.g. scientific, educational, management and conservation of biodiversity). 

Managing the network of Biosphere reserves

  • MAB facilitates the exchange of experience and information, as well as developing joint projects between Biosphere reserves by creating and managing cross-cutting networks
  • Biosphere reserves annual meetings
  • Thematic groups: Pedagogy Group, Forest Group, Communications Group, Charter Group
  • Participation in university courses
  • Produces and disseminates information on Biosphere reserves: the French ‘Biosphere Letter’, fact sheets on Biosphere reserve activities (pdf), Biosphere reserves general fact sheets (pdf), Biosphere reserves technical notes, a practical guide to management, the website Agir pour la biodiversité (Act for biodiversity), etc.

Strengthening the French network of Biosphere reserves

  • MAB France assists in the creation of new Biosphere reserves
  • Supports French biosphere reserves during the periodic reviews conducted every 10 years
  • Provides scientific and technical support to the network of Biosphere reserves and participates in their various bodies.

Developing international collaborations

The MAB Committee and French Biosphere reserves actively participate in the regional EUROMAB network that includes the MAB committees and Biosphere reserves of Europe and North America. The network meets regularly, organizes training courses and the exchange of best practices and experience.
Other collaborations exist, including with Biosphere reserves in French-speaking Africa. Many French Biosphere reserves have lasting partnerships with sites overseas.