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Designated by UNESCO in 1988, the Islands and Iroise Sea Biosphere Reserve promotes the sustainable economic and social development of its territory, preserving its rich natural and cultural heritage and encouraging scientific research and environmental education.

The main ecosystems of the Atlantic biogeographical domain (island, coastal and marine) are represented: the marine environment, the foreshore, the cliffs with Atlantic coastal vegetation, the moors, the meadows.
On land and at sea, island communities have developed and maintained an original culture. Its exceptional landscapes and biodiversity make it a privileged destination for research, tourism and artistic creation.
The territory, the municipalities and all its actors are at the heart of the project and invite visitors to discover this remarkable environment!

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Contact :

Parc naturel régional d’Armorique
15 place aux Foires
BP 27
29 590 LE FAOU

+33 2 98 81 90 08

Office national pour la biodiversité
Parc naturel marin d'Iroise
16 quai de la Douane, CS 429312
29229 Brest Cedex 02

02 98 33 87 67

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